The ABCD Alphabet Poster | Double Sided - Fruit or Australian Creatures

Kids can use this poster to learn how to read the alphabet.  You can use Blu Tack to stick it to the wall with the fruit side showing and your child will be able to learn the alphabet based on the sounds of the fruit names.  Later you can flip it around to the other side which shows an A to Z of creatures found in Australia.  This dual-sided poster gives twice the value and twice the learning potential.

It doesn't stop there though... Scan the QR code on the bottom right and The ABCD Song will play on YouTube.  Your child can follow along with Mercedes to learn the alphabet all by themselves!  Plus our version is not the regular version - it is sung to the tune of Happy Birthday To You, with no jumbled "L M N O P" in the middle.  (Kids often think this is one big letter!)  It finishes with "Zed or Zee" to avoid confusion caused by English vs American versions of the letter.

It measures just slightly smaller than A2 size, which allows it to be folded to A4 size for postage (saving on postage fee):  40cm wide x 56cm high.  You can even frame it within an A2 size frame as shown (not included). 

Our Preschooler Gift Pack Bundle of Personalised Letter T-ShirtABCD Playing Cards and Alphabet Poster, presented nicely in a gift box (which we can do for you) would make a great present for a preschooler.

You can check the T-Shirt Size Chart here.