MADMIA Crazy Colourful Kids Socks & More


If you're looking for crazy socks for a crazy sock day school fundraiser, to wear rollerskating or just because you love crazy socks, MADMIA socks are the ones for you!

MADMIA is a playfully crazy, vividly colourful and unique sock company who specialise in inimitable knee-high socks and accessories.

NOTE:  Santa & Snowman socks coming very soon!

With MADMIA socks, you're buying a brighter, bolder, and more vibrant version of yourself. These playful long socks will awaken your imagination and help you to stand out from the pack!

Featuring a riot of colours and unique patterns and embellished with ears, wings and ribbons, etc. each style is knitted — not printed — and can take up to six factories to assemble.  Priority is placed on longevity and quality.

Filipovska known as MADMIA, says she was determined to challenge the cookie-cutter kids wear market in favour of fierce creativity and self-expression and "create a brand that provided a burst of colour in an otherwise sea of grey”.

Buy more than one MADMIA product and receive $$$ OFF each product!

Kids and Adults Socks Size

Our Kids->Adults size fits most - ages 6+. Up to EU 41 = women's 8/9 AU, dress-sizes up to 10. Less busy patterns have a better stretch for adults.

The socks could be a little baggy around the foot on smaller 6 year olds, but might fit taller 5 year olds.  The better styles of adult sizes are those with less busy patterns and more stretch, for example:  Mermaid, Music Notes, Magic Frills and Ice Cream.

Smaller children can wear our Toddler Size Socks (3-5yo).

We also have the Safari socks in a size for babies (6 months - 2 years old).

Care guide

For optimal care of our socks, we recommend a cold hand wash, taking extra care with wings or other accessories. Proper washing is essential to maintain the quality and integrity of our products.  Play it safe with our gentle but powerful laundry liquid, which is ideal for machine or hand-washing and has a nice, fresh, subtle scent.