Fundraising for Schools, Clubs, Teams...

Here are some products you may like to sell to raise money for your school or club, organisation or charity.

You might like to sell custom pens, socks or t-shirts etc.  We can even design them for you for a small fee. 

Or you might like to sell something that everyone needs anyway - toilet paper! 

We already offer items at a Wholesale discounted price and you can buy in bulk and save, but we are happy to support fundraising efforts for good causes, so...

Use the FUNDRAISING discount code for a further discount* or negotiate with us!

If you'd like us to deliver the orders, please contact us about setting up your own discount code to provide your customers and we'll collect the funds for you and pass it on when you request them.

Another idea is to purchase a gift basket to use as a raffle prize.  You can choose the contents. We will put it together for you.  Another prize could be a personalised video on a personalised USB stick.  You can still use the FUNDRAISING discount code when you purchase these.

Alternatively, you could run a competition offering a product as a prize.  A simple one is a Colouring-In competition.  You can use one of our free posters or download a free one from a dedicated site.

How about a hybrid - presell boxes of tissues/toilet paper/t-shirts and run a competition to choose the best tissue box/toilet paper wrap/t-shirt front artwork.  You can give those finished custom-printed products away as a prize afterwards or sell them at a later date.

Keep checking back though, or better still - sign up to our newsletter, as we have more socks and other items coming soon!

If you'd like more ideas, please read our blog here: School Fundraisers: 9 Creative and Effective Ideas For 2024