Bulk Cleaning Supplies/Agents & Soaps

Great Value Bulk Cleaning Products

100% Australian Made Cleaning Agents

Disinfectants and other cleaning agents, including Window Cleaner, Concentrated Multi-purpose Spray and Wipe plus Heavy Duty Degreaser - all made in Australia

Most of our cleaning products come in 3 sizes:

  • 750ml bottles (pull-up squirt tops/spray triggers/screw-top caps)
  • 5L bottles with screw-top lids
  • 20L casks/flagons with taps

The more you buy in size or quantity, the cheaper they are!  But not only that, since there is less Carbon produced and less plastic in 1 large bottle than in a few smaller ones, it is far better for the environment to buy in bulk too!

If you live in a local FREE postage area for which we have a distributor, you can also take advantage of our "Swap and Go" delivery service and make a big difference to cutting down on plastic use.  If you are not in an area which qualifies for FREE postage, please let us know, as we are currently hiring distributors to expand our reach to reduce postage fees and "Swap and Go" delivery service.

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