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Australian Made Toilet Paper, Paper Towels and Facial Tissues from Recycled Office Paper

Our paper products are 100% recycled from 100% Australian office paper.

Choosing recycled paper for these products means fewer trees lost plus it uses 50% less energy and 90% less water than is required for traditional paper products.

Why not use Bamboo toilet paper? All bamboo toilet paper is imported from China. We believe in supporting Australian manufacturing and reducing carbon emissions caused by imports.

Also, as a big bonus, recycled paper toilet paper is much cheaper than Bamboo toilet paper.  It is often close to half the price!

Are you trying to decide between bamboo and recycled paper-toilet paper?  You can read our blog on the matter here...


If you haven't tried recycled paper toilet paper recently, you might be surprised how similar it is to regular toilet paper.  However, recycled paper toilet paper might never be as soft as the softest toilet paper (think Quilton®).  So you need to decide which is most important to you.

If you'd prefer an extra-soft toilet paper, but still want to buy Australian and forest-friendly, please check our Super Premium paper (sold at a regular price) below.

Start using recycled paper or forest-friendly toilet paper today to protect our environment and wildlife.

We have the appropriate dispensers in plastic and/or stainless steel.

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