Mother Duck Gift Set | Practical Kitchenware

Our Mother Duck Gift Set

is the perfect present for a Mum - for her birthday or Christmas or as a

Mothers Day Gift.

If you are a Mum you might like to treat yourself to one!  These items are very useful but also fun, and look great in a gift box.  The set includes:

  • Magnetic Shopping List  (incl. Meal Planner and Liquid Pencil with Eraser)
    The 2 pads are separate so you can tear one off without the other and it comes with a matching pink liquid pencil including eraser which fits inside the clip.

  • Kitchen Timer Fridge Magnet
    Even if you have a kitchen timer already, it's handy to have another so you can time what's in the oven at the same time as what's on the stove.  The colour is pink by default, but let us know if you'd like silver or blue instead.

  • 2 x Fridge Magnet Clips
    You can use these to hold documents together and keep them on your fridge or to hold together scrap paper/receipts/birthday invites/raffle tickets etc, which will tidy your cluttered fridge door and make more space.

  • Magnetic Bottle Opener
    Keep this on the fridge and you'll always know where your bottle opener is.  The same goes for our...

  • Magnetic Fridge Pen
    The top of this pen is magnetic.  Keep it stuck to the fridge and you'll never have to go searching for a pen.  It's a black pen too - so when you need a black one, you'll have one.  It's also quite satisfying to slap it onto the fridge after use :)

  • Yellow Duck Pop It Toy
    Help calm your nerves or keep your little one busy while you're busy. These sensory toys are great as fidget toys or games.  Try timing each other with the  included Kitchen Timer - who can pop them faster?!

  • Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet
    OK, so this one is of turtles not ducks and for the dishwasher, not your fridge, but ... Use this and you'll always know whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty.  You wont put away dirty dishes or forget to clean the dishes inside.  Just turn it over to the "Clean" side when you put the dishwasher on and flip it over to the "Dirty" side when you're about to put the dishes away.

All our bundles offer a savings of at least 15%.  If you add the full price of each item in this bundle, the set should cost around $90! 

Including Bottle Opener: Yes