Personalised Morphing Face Video (With Own Photos)

Upload/email/post up to 42 of your favourite face pics of your chosen star and we will use them to create a Morphing Face video. The extract shown is from this video, which is over 3 minutes long and uses 41 photos.

This would be a perfect Baby Shower gift. We have gift vouchers designed specifically for these. When given, your recipient will understand, and be impressed by, the unique gift you are giving them. They will also then know in advance that they should take a photo of their child each month! You will just have to be willing to wait a little while for the child to grow up before you can see the result!

One of our 4 video editors will work on your video. It may be 7-21 days until we finish, depending on the current demand. Please select our "High Priority Completion" option if you need your video completed within 7 days.

When your video is finished we will email you a draft copy to approve, or so you can let us know what you would like changed before we send you your finished product.

Make sure you also buy some tissues to keep on hand whilst you watch your happy memories! 

File Storage Medium: Wooden Heart-Shaped Keychain USB