Magnetic Meal Planner Shopping List Fridge Magnet & Gel Pen

Stay organised with this Magnetic Meal Planner and Shopping List Fridge Magnet! With a 50-page meal planner and 50-page shopping list, this pad is conveniently placed on your fridge for easy access. The magnetic back ensures it stays secure, so you can confidently add items to your shopping list as needed. Use the meal planner to plan your meals or simply use both pages as a shopping list. Either way, this magnetic pad will help you stay on top of your household needs for up to 2 years!


It comes with a handy erasable gel pen, which can remain in the holder on the list.  If you make a mistake you can erase it with the friction eraser on the top of the pen.



As a bonus, you can entertain your little ones by scanning the QR code on the top of the shopping list to play the 5 Little Ducks song on YouTube.

Note:  If you'd like the Magnetic Shopping List, Fridge Pen and Dishwasher Magnet too you can buy them as a bundle with a 15% discount here!

Grab it now at our discounted introductory rate - but act fast as the price will increase once enough reviews are in!