Lullaby Medley with White/Pink Noise (Rain)

We have created a unique Lullaby + White Noise product that will carry your child into dreamland and help them stay there.  Not only will they get the rest they need but you will too! 
There is an audio (MP3) version and an optional Night-Light video (MP4).  The files will be sent to you on your choice of USB stick, OTG stick, or SD card - whatever works with your choice of device (TV/DVD Player/Phone/etc).

Our medley of popular lullabies will help your little one fall asleep and stay asleep. As the songs play, pink noise (the sound of rain) plays in the background.  This masks the most common child-waking noises, helping your child stay asleep.  Pink Noise is more natural than white noise and pleasantly soothing to listen to.  Who doesn't like listening to the sound of rain at night? You will love it too!

White or Pink Noise is especially useful for daytime naps, with Pink Noise being preferable due to its low tone and meditative-like effect on our theta brain waves.  It is safe for your baby's ears so long as you keep the noise level under 80 decibels (about the level of someone having a shower), which is loud enough for noise-masking in and around most households.

The lullabies, sung by Mercedes, go for over 10 minutes, during which time the volume of the singing decreases as the volume of the rain increases.  The whole track is 14 hours long. 

The lullaby lyrics have been modernised to allow for sweet dreams...  For example, the cradle still falls but Mercedes sings "Daddy will catch you, cradle and all".  Mercedes' versions of these songs may be the best you have heard.

The medley is made up of:

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (1:40)
  • Star Light Star Bright (1:10)
  • Rock-a-bye Baby (2:55)
  • Ten Brown Teddies (4:49)

You will receive 5 files!

There are 4 music tracks included (in MP3 format):

  • The first 3 lullabies (5:42) - the volume reduces at the end
  • All 4 lullabies (10:33) - the volume reduced at the end
  • The first 3 lullabies followed by rain (14 hours)
  • All 4 lullabies followed by rain (14 hours)

There is also a video option (MP4) available to add to your files, which plays for 12 hours.  The video version includes the first 3 lullabies and provides the added bonus of a night light - an endlessly changing red screensaver plays to the sound of the rain.  The light is just enough to see by so you can make sure your child is safe and so you don't fall over any toys, but not too bright to keep anyone awake (or burn an image into a TV). 

WARNING: If you play other videos that have an all-red screen, you may burn that image into your screen. Our video of a spiral ensures that does not happen.

Additionally, the light emitted is red, not blue.  Blue light is known to prevent or disturb sleep.  Red light is more soothing and will not disrupt sleep.  Your child will find it easier to fall asleep under this light.

You can preview the video on YouTube.

All files are provided on a standard USB stick, but you can choose to have an SD card or a specialty USB stick as shown.  Some are very cute and would make great gifts. 

We have OTG (On The Go) sticks that will plug into any USB port or even your Samsung phone, which is a great option for travel.  You can play directly from the plugged-in stick or download it first.

Sure, there are YouTube videos you can listen to, including our one, but not only is this the best medley and rain soundtrack literally combined, you don't have to worry about your child waking due to internet glitches.

Try playing this for your little one and you may just fall asleep too.  Have a listen to the sample, but try not to fall asleep just yet!

Storage Media: Wooden Guitar USB