Double-Walled Drinking Glasses (250ml Insulated Coffee Mugs)

Double Walled Glasses

These double-walled glasses (glass mugs) stay close to room temperature on the outside. This makes them comfortable to hold and keeps your hot coffee/tea/chocolate hot or your cold drinks cold.  They are also perfect for wine, as your hand will not warm it up! 

Do you have a machine that can't handle taller glasses?  These are perfect!  They are 95mm tall (the opening is 75mm wide) and hold 250ml.

Insulated Glass Coffee Mugs

Keep your cold drinks cold, but also keep your hot drinks hot, and your hands comfortable - even little hands!

These mugs are made of Borosilicate glass. With its combination of thermal resistance, durability, transparency, chemical resistance, and microwave/dishwasher safety, and light weight, Borosilicate glass is an excellent choice. Its reliability, safety, and aesthetic appeal contribute to its popularity and widespread use.

This glass can withstand temperatures of up to 560 degrees Celsius! You are able to paint them or draw on them with acrylic paint pens and set the partwork in the oven. (Increase the temperature slowly).

They passed every test with flying colors, even the harsh ones like taps being banged up against a tap, plus withstanding boiled gravy (which stayed warm on the table longer) and even 350°C in an oven (to harden decorative designs).

Minimal Living

These are handleless, as you don't need a handle - your hand will not get cold or burnt.  This makes them extra practical, as they take up less room in your cupboard and are more *stackable*.   They are exceptionally minimal also because you need not buy many different types of glasses, since they can be used as stemless wine glasses and for cold drinks or hot drinks.  One style fits all!

But wait that's not all... There's one more benefit too - you can use these to measure 250ml (known as "1 cup") when cooking or baking ;)

The glasses are of great quality from Homeware Base and are dishwasher-proof.  However, if you have them personalised they will need to be hand-washed to preserve them.  If you would like a dishwasher-proof personalisation, please contact us for details as there may be an extra charge for small quantities and a wait-time will apply.  Thanks for understanding!

Note:  If you would like a large number of these personalised, please contact us for a quote.  For example, we could print "Hot Stuff!" on 200 glasses at just $1 per glass!

Note:  Coffee is not generally included, but can be arranged for collections ;)