Class Of Year T-Shirt Graduation Present

These "Class Of" t-shirts make great graduation presents!

You can also buy one in an adult size for your child who has just started school.  If you take a photo of them wearing it at the start/end of each year, you will have a nice record of how they have grown over the years.  If you put the photos in an album and give it to them along with the t-shirt when they graduate, that would make a pretty special graduation present!

You will like the look of the t-shirt but also the quality of the t-shirt.  It is soft and comfy and hard-wearing - made to resist excessive wear and machine washing and drying. 

Just let us know the colour of text and the year you would like on the t-shirt.  There are 13 years of school in Australia and New Zealand, so to work out the year they will graduate high school, just add 12 to the start year.  Fingers crossed, if your child started school in 2023, they should graduation high school in 2035.

Note:  If you are buying one as a gift for someone in the UK/USA/Canada, please add another year as they start late in the year and finish the year after.

You can check the Size Chart here.

T-Shirt Colour: White
Style: Kids>Adults'
Size: 0