Preschooler Giftpack Bundle: Alphabet Poster, Playing Cards and T-Shirt

Buy your Personalised Letter T-Shirt, Alphabet Poster and ABCD Playing Cards packs together and save 15%!  This would make a great present for a preschooler learning the alphabet.  It includes:

The Personalised Letter T-Shirt for Kids - the letter is made up of positive words starting with that letter.  The text underneath includes the name of your choice.  For example, "E is for Eva".

The ABCD Playing Cards - a fun way to help your child learn the alphabet.

The ABCD Poster - two-sided alphabet poster. One side shows A to Z in fruit; the other shows A to Z using Australian creatures.

This is a great way for you both to enjoy your child learning the alphabet.   Especially when, if you scan the QR Code on the pack of cards or poster, your child can listen to the new ABCD song on YouTube!

You can check the T-Shirt Chart here.

Letter T-Shirt with Positive words: 0 Navy with White Text