Kids Automatic Hands-Free Foam Soap Dispenser

Piggy Wiggy is an automatic Foam Soap Dispenser.  It's hands-free / no-touch to stop the spread of germs, but that's not all!

Encourage your kids (and yourselves) to wash hands for the full 20 seconds.  After being activated, one nostril flashes for 20 seconds to show kids how long to wash their hands.

The soap is dispensed after Wiggy "sees" your hand under her nose.  When the soap is dispensed Wiggy makes a piggy-snort - if you use your imagination ;)  But it's a quiet snort that wont wake anyone at night.

Mums will love that this foam soap dispenser has a large refillable tank that holds 330ml of liquid!  This should last approximately 6 weeks per person using the dispenser!  So you wont have to refill your soap dispenser so often!  

We sell 5L foam soap refills for half the price of supermarket brands.  Not only will they save you money it's also very convenient to have one of these stored away in your bathroom cupboard for top-ups!  5L gives you enough foam soap liquid for 15 refills!  That could last the average person 1 full year!   However, smaller bottles will be available soon too for those with smaller needs and cupboards.  

The unit measures 210cm x 103mm wide.

We don't believe in wastage and do believe that using foam soap reduces the amount of liquid soap required and the number of plastic soap bottles too!  Buying in bulk also reduces carbon output and plastic production, helping the planet. 

Our Piggy Wiggy soap dispenser takes 3 AA batteries (not included) and they last a very long time (having only one nostril flash is to save battery life).  There is a switch on the back to control the amount of soap dispensed so you can adjust this as desired but the smallest amount is usually fine.  You can also use this switch to turn the sensor off overnight to extend battery life further.

This is obviously great for your budget too.  Although Wiggy makes washing your hands more fun, we're also saving you money so you can afford to go out and have even more fun!

But wait, that's not all...  Our Foam Soap fragrances include Bubble Gum.  Your kids are going to love it Wiggy and the bubby bubble gum foam soap too - just as much as we do!  Especially little Peppa Pig fans!  Buy the dispenser and the 5 Litre foam soap refill together in our Foam Soap and Dispenser Bundle and save 15%.