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Great value toilet paper and a great movement ;)

We've been using this toilet paper for over 2 years and we're very happy with it. We've tried their other toilet paper too and it's softer but we're sticking with this one as it's saving us a fortune and we like that no trees have to be cut down for it.

Simone Wong
Always fabulous

We have been using this toilet paper for nearly 2 years now. It is excellent quality, good for the environment and the delivery is so fast! Support local!

Ticks all the boxes

This is the only toilet paper I buy now.
✅ It’s Australian made and owned
✅ It’s recycled and is better quality than other recycled papers I’ve tried
✅ I’m not constantly changing toilet rolls
✅ Value for money
✅ I’m supporting a local business and get free local delivery

Tania (Founder)
Strong and Great Value!

Many people wont compromise on their toilet paper - it has to be soft. This isn't the softest toilet paper out there but it's soft enough and it is strong! It's stronger than most others, yet not too strong for toilet systems. It's 2ply, not 3ply, but who doesn't fold/scrunch their paper anyway?! We have been using it for 8 months. We're happy with it and happy we're doing the right thing for the environment, Australians and our bank balance.

Denise T
Great Value and Strong Toilet Paper

“Pretty soft, not bad, strong and overall pretty good, out of a 10 I would give it a 9, thumbs up!”